Welcome to the Executive Training Institute Online Mini-conference for 2017

To ensure more MCPA members and their staff can access the Association's high quality professional development opportunities, we're proudly launching the Executive Training Institute Online Mini-conference, thanks in part to our exclusive ETI Online sponsor Schedule Anywhere.

The three sessions below will be available following the conference (in audio or video form). To attain POST credit for each session, you must complete the accompanying questionnaire.

Based on a survey following ETI 2016, we were struck by the number of members who wanted to attend or send more of their staff to the conference, but time and costs were a barrier. That is why we are making this opportunity available online at no costs.

ETI 2017 Online Mini-conference sessions

To view or not to view: The great body-worn camera question

Presenters: Eric P. Daigle, Daigle Law Group, LLC and Dr. Bill Lewinski, Force Science Institute

One of the most debated topics around body-worn camera implementation is whether to allow officers to view the footage in use-of-deadly force cases prior to giving a formal statement or writing a report.  Those advocating against viewing the video say it creates a false memory and will compromise the investigation. Those advocating for viewing the video argue officers should not be put in a "got you" position. Two leading national experts on the topic will provide the pros and cons of each side of the argument.

Small Agency Track: Body Camera Implementation

Presenters: Chief Jeff Potts, Bloomington (MCPA Legislative Committee Co-Chair), Chief Joel Scharf, Big Lake PD, Dan Hatten, Hutchinson PD

From complying with the public comment section and independent audits to setting internal policy on how officers should use this evidence gathering and transparency tool, many police chiefs have a number of questions around the new body camera law. This breakout session will provide an overview of the law and best practices in implementing body cameras with an emphasis on the issues facing agencies with fewer than 15 officers.

Small Agency track:  Expanding tight resources through Social Media

Presenter: Chief Paul Hoppe, Wyoming

Every year, more law enforcement agencies start social media programs to establish stronger community relations and solve crimes. Many agencies who have not yet started using social media cite time and staffing restraints as a barrier to entry. This session aims to get agencies re-thinking that paradigm, looking instead at online tools as a force multiplier. Two small agency chiefs will discuss how they've expanded their "follower" base, better connected with their communities and solved crimes using social media.