Minnesota POST Board releases new training objectives


MCPA - After more than a year of work, Minnesota's POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Board has released a series of new learning objectives.  The objectives are based off of a landmark police training bill passed by the Minnesota legislature during the 2017 session.  Law enforcement groups, including MCPA, worked with community leaders and legislators to update how police are trained and how the costs are covered.

The legislation signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton requires a third of a peace officer's training include material from three specific categories: crisis intervention and conflict mediation, mental illness and recognition and value of community diversity and cultural differences.  Recently, the POST Board released new learning objectives for each of the categories along with guidelines for providing use-of-force training to officers.

"In the time since our coalition worked on these objectives, we have also revamped MCPA's training to reflect the new catergories," said Andy Skoogman, MCPA executive director.  "And we have added new technologies such as livestreaming events with ChiefsCast and ETI Online to ensure this training is more accessible and available to law enforcement leaders and officers across our state.

Links to Minnesota POST Board Learning Objectives

The new learning objectives are supported by increased funding for Minnesota peace officers.  The available dollars have now tripled to $10 million dollars.

"As we worked on this issue, it became very clear to all of the stakeholders that additional funding would help ensure the training would be of the utmost quality and available to law enforcement agencies of all across Minnesota," said Skoogman.

Access to training can be particularly difficult for smaller departments with fewer officers and resources.  The legislation passed last year also provides money to funding college costs for nontraditional students interested in pursuing law enforcement degrees.

The newly revised trainings, such as MCPA Leadership Academy, are open for enrollment.  You can register and review the course summaries at MCPA's Training page.