Advanced CLEO and Command Academy

Creating a Culture of Wellness in a 21st Century Law Enforcement Agency

Police work has long been one of the most physically and mentally demanding professions in the world. Over the course of a law enforcement career, the work often takes a heavy toll on officers and their families. Police officers are at a high risk for early death, heart attacks, stress-related illnesses and ailments as well as a variety of health problems.

Chief Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) can play a big role in reducing these risks by implementing polices, programs and agency philosophies centered on wellness.  The collective health of police officers in an agency is critical to effective and efficient policing.

As noted in the President’s Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing, “Officers who are mentally or physically incapacitated cannot serve their communities adequately and can be a danger to the people they serve, to their fellow officers, and to themselves”.

The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association’s 2019 Advanced CLEO and Command Academy will explore some of the most important elements of developing and implementing successful wellness initiatives and ideas, including the effects of shift work, maintaining a physically, mentally and spiritually fit force and suicide prevention efforts that support officer wellness.

A cohort training format, attendees will work in small groups over the course of several months to advance the study, development and implementation of best practice policies, creating long-term culture change and reforms related to officer wellness and safety for their specific agencies. Industry leaders from law enforcement and medicine will present and discuss research and ideas that will help attendees develop new initiatives or improve existing ones

Januay 8th  10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Maintaining a Fit Force
Captain Greg Davis, Texas Department of Public Safety

Includes an overview of physical fitness/readiness testing as well as a discussion related to data point collection 


February 12th  12 - 4 p.m.

Prioritizing Spiritual Health in a Wellness Program
Rev. Joel Jueckstock, Dir. Tony Paetznick, Fr. Paul Shovelain

How to best integrate spiritual health resources into your agency or region.

March 12th   12 - 4 p.m.

Law Enforcement Suicide: Bucking the Trend
Dr. Chris Caulkins - Strub Caulkin Center for Suicide Research

New research on the study, understanding and prevention of suicide. Dr. Caulkins will also offer his assistance to any attendee looking to conduct research in this area.

Small Group Meeting - held in February or March

April 16th  Time TBA

Wake Up and Take Sleep Seriously
Dr. Chris Winter - Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine

The real facts about sleep and how it affects your health and wellness, especially for those in the public safety services.


May 16th  11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. - Final Presentations


POST Credits: 22

POST Course Number: 9041-0107