BCA new Criminal History System is live


MCPA -After four years of planning and development, the BCA has launched the new Criminal History System. Users now have two different ways to access criminal history data – Portals and the CHS interface. The BCA is processing Livescan bookings received over the weekend but please be patient as it may take a bit longer than usual as they catch up. The BCA will reach out in the days ahead with tips and insights related to frequently asked questions from users

The BCA’s goal for the new system is to provide criminal history records that are easier to read and use, housed in a system that is easy to maintain and built on a solid foundation that will meet the needs of the criminal justice community for years to come. The agency has worked for the past four years with a broad group of criminal justice stakeholders and other users of criminal history data to design the best system possible.  It will continue to engage with these stakeholders as implementation gets underway

The switch from CCH to CHS will affect different users in different ways. Some will see a change in the appearance of returned data; others will access, enter, view and query the data in new ways. A smooth transition will require each user to understand how the switch will affect them before the transition takes place.

  • CHS and Portals training videos are available on the MyBCA homepage under Criminal History, and on Launch Pad.
  • Much more information about the transition is available on the CHS Project Page.

Contact the BCA Service Desk at [email protected], 651-793-2500 or 888-234-1119 with questions.