COPS office awards Minnesota grant to combat heroin and opioid abuse


MCPA - Minnesota is among eight states that have been award funding from the COPS office through the Anti-Heroin Task Force Program (AHTF).  The award, which totals more than $1.4 million, will be used to investigation illicit ativities related to the distribution of heroin and the unlawful distribution of prescription opioids.  Both have received significant national attention focused on alarming trends in drug abuse.

According to a letter from Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension superintendent Drew Evans, nearly half of Minnesota's grant dollars will be used to reimburse overtime to law enforcement officers who are investigating drug traffickers supplying heroin and opioids with a nexus to Indian Country.

"This has been identified as the area with the greatest need for resources as well as the areas in our state with some of the highest overdose and treatment rates,"  Evans wrote.  "Reimbursement will also be available for the investigation of traffickers that are linked to fatal opioid overdoses."

The remaining grant funds will be used to hire two BCA Special Agents and one BCA Criminal Intelligence Analyst.  One agent will work with the Statewide Gang and Drug Oversight Coordinator as well as violent crime enforcement teams and other law enforcement agencies located throughout Minnesota.

The second agent will likely be assigned to the DEA's Tactical Diversion Squad and the analyst will be assigned to the Minnesota Fusion Center to provide analytical support for heroin and other opioid use and traffikicking.

The BCA will contact law enforcement agencies to explain case criteria and the process for overtime reimbursement.  Questions should be sent to Special Agent in Charge Sue Burggraf at [email protected]