Every Jedi needs a Yoda
Dpty Supt. Ray Guidetti (retired) - New Jersey State Police

Class Handout - Every Jedi needs a Yoda

New police supervisors can face a myriad of challenges as they take on new responsibilities within a police agency.  Beyond the fundamental change from employee to supervisor, policing faces a number of internal and external forces that continues to change the job.  Ray Guidetti is a strong advocate of strategic planning and information sharing, especially when it comes to embarking on a new, supervisory career path.  He believes each person can benefit from a mentor while navigating their careers.  In this course, he offers practical, real-life examples of how being mentored and mentoring others can improve career outlooks and public safety.




Learning Objectives:


Course attendees will learn how:


  • Every one of us can benefit from a mentor while navigating our careers. The value of a master teacher can help us flatten learning curves, educate us on accepting feedback, direct us in unfamiliar territory, and most importantly, shepherd us on to become Jedis.
  • Driving cultural and operational change through policy development, strategy, communication, evaluation, and training.
  • Long-term strategic plans that positively impact information sharing, continuity of operations, intelligence and investigative capabilities, regulatory enforcement, risk mitigation and global partnerships.