Preparing for a Critical Incident: Lessons Learned
Chief Tanya Schwartz, Chief BJ Jungman, Sgt Max Yakolev, Sgt, Steve Stoler, Director Marty Doll - City of Burnsville

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Tanya Schwartz, Burnsville Police Chief
Tanya Schwartz was named Burnsville’s seventh Police Chief in May 2019. Schwartz has served more than 23 years with the Burnsville Police Department, including as a Cadet/Community Service Officer (1995-1996), Police Officer (1996-2001), Patrol Sergeant (2001-2009), Detective Sergeant (2009-2012) and Captain (2012-2019).

Schwartz has lead the patrol, investigations and professional standards divisions of the department. She has also represented the department on a number of committees and advisory boards, including the Dakota County Electronic Crimes Task Force Board, Dakota County Drug Task Force Board, Coordinated Community Response Committee, 1st Judicial Equal Justice Committee and more.

Schwartz holds a Master’s degree in Public Safety Administration from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Augsburg College and a Law Enforcement Certificate from Metropolitan State University. She is also a graduate of the 264th FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va. Schwartz is Burnsville’s first female Police Chief.

Max Yakovlev, Burnsville Police Sergeant
Max Yakovlev has worked for the Burnsville Police Department for the past 20 years – the last seven as a Sergeant. In his time with Burnsville, Max has been assigned to patrol operations, gang and criminal investigations, SWAT as a tactical officer, and currently as a patrol shift Sergeant/Supervisor.

Max has extensive experience in all areas of police operations and is currently an adjunct instructor for Rasmussen College’s Use of Force Skills training program. He is a certified instructor in: Tactical Operations, handgun & patrol rifle, Use of Force, Combatives and Ground Fighting, Taser, ASP Baton, ASR (Aerosol Subject Restraint), Weapons Retention, Reality Based Scenario, Vascular Neck Restraint,  LOCKUP and Revolution Ground Combative system (level 1.). In addition, Max also trains at ‘Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Minnesota’ under Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt Damian Hirtz.

Max holds a Master’s degree in Law Enforcement Leadership from Concordia University, St. Paul.

Steve Stoler, Burnsville Police Sergeant
Steve Stoler has worked for the Burnsville Police Department since 1999 – the last seven as a Sergeant. Stoler was hired a Community Service Officer (1999-2002), then worked as an officer (2002-2012) until he was promoted to sergeant in 2012. In his time with Burnsville, Stoler has worked in patrol, SWAT, street crimes, the Burnsville Police Honor Guard, the Drug Task Force, use of force instruction and as a K-9 Unit Coordinator.

Stoler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement from Metropolitan State University.

BJ Jungmann, Burnsville Fire Chief
BJ Jungmann has been the Fire Chief for the City of Burnsville since 2011. The Burnsville Fire Department is a career fire and emergency medical services (EMS) agency. Prior to becoming Chief, Jungmann has worked as a volunteer firefighter, EMT, dispatcher, paramedic, fire captain, training officer and assistant chief. He has worked in both hospital- and local government/fire-based EMS.

Jungmann holds a Master's Degree from Hamline University in Public Administration, has completed the Executive Fire Officer Program through the National Fire Academy and is a Credentialed Chief Fire Officer through Center for Public Safety Excellence.

Marty Doll, Communications & Community Engagement Director
Marty Doll has been the Communications & Community Engagement Director for the City of Burnsville since 2011. There, he oversees the City’s Communications Department, which is responsible for all print, digital and television media/marketing for the City. The Department also oversees the City’s media and public relations, advertising, branding and corporate communications.

Prior to joining the City of Burnsville, Marty worked as the City of Edina’s Communications Coordinator (2008-2011), and in the Anoka County Public Information Office (2005-2008). He graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications in 2005.