Critical Issues Forum 2019

How should police respond to crisis calls where a person is threatening to harm themselves or commit suicide?  The MCPA’s Critical Issues Forum will explore this issue Wednesday December 11th from both a legal and ethical perspective as well as discuss and debate possible solutions.  Event registration is free.

The Issue
Law enforcement agencies in Minnesota and across the country are rethinking their approach. Some local agencies have stopped responding because of the potential dangers to both officers and the person attempting to end his or her life.  These calls also present a financial liability, particularly if the situation turns violent.   



Critical Issue Frum panelists will include attorney Eric Daigle, a national expert on this topic.  Daigle is the former IACP chair of the Legal Officers Section.  Sue Abderholden, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will present as well.

Sponsor the Event

Click the link to learn more about event sponsorships available for the 2019 MCPA Critical Issues Forum.  Contact Charles Kasbohm with Synergetic Endeavors for more information:  651-340-4848 or [email protected]