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Police Department

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Bloomington Police

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Crystal Police

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Chief Mike

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Andy Skoogman
MCPA Executive Director



To be the recognized voice for professional law enforcement in Minnesota


To bring the highest quality police services to the people of Minnesota



State legislature & municipalities consider reform proposals

A special session of the Minnesota state legislature has ended without an agreement between the House, Senate and governor Tim Walz on police reform.  Both bodies passed a number of bills that address police reform and accountability, but the chambers have not yet reached an agreement that would result in final passage.  Negotiations continued early Saturday morning until both chambers adjourned.  The governor must now decide whether and when to call another special session.  MCPA remains committed to major police reform measures including the recommendations of the Ellison/Harrington Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters working group. The links and articles below offer insights on the various proposals.


Minnesota House of Representatives Reform Proposals
Special session ends without deal on policing Proposed legislation Labor committee approves arbitration changes


Minnesota Senate Proposals
MN Senate Police Reform Agenda Use of Force Reporting Requirements Use of Force Policy MCPA letter to Senate

Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters Working Group
Recommendations Group Members Group Resources MinnPost: Will report get a serious look?

New Surveys: Police Reform & Attitudes Toward Law Enforcement
SurveyUSA: MN Protests & Police Most reject calls to defund Galllup: National pride drops Pew: Most support BLM

New Police Arbitration
House committee approves arbitration changes AFSCME opposes arbitration changes

21st Century Policing
Task Force Report IACP Bueprint Chuck Ramsey/NY Times: There is a playbook for reform

Human Rights Investigation Video: Chief announces reform plans What does 'defund' mean? Mpls officers write letter

8 That Can't Wait proposals
Vox: What is 8 That Can't Wait? Roseville policies Pittsburgh campaign Carlsbad policy

COVID Cares Mental Health Support Services
COVID Cares Support MN Psychiatric Society Mental Health & COVID

Agenda comparison

MN House (Committee Approved)
MN Senate (Approved by full Senate)

The Reclaiming Community Oversight Act:
• Choke Hold Ban
• Warrior Training Prohibited
• Police Residency Reform
• Duty to Intercede
• Retroactive Repeal of Statutes of Limitations
• Data Practices Modifications for Peace Officers
• Arbitration Reform
• Law Enforcement Oversight Council Reform
• Data Collection and Regulatory Reform/etc.
The Reforming Accountability Act:
• Use of Force Reform
• Investigatory Reform
• Prosecutorial Reform
• Cash Bail
The Re-imagining Public Safety Act:
• Community Led Public Safety
• Police Officer Critical Incident Review
• Public Safety Peer Counseling Debriefing
• Mental Health Training
• Autism Training
• Restore the Vote

  • SF 1 Training money,  2 public members to
    POST Board
  • SF 104 Use of force policies changes
  • SF 49 Background checks on all hires
    in agencies
  • SF 3 Use of force reporting requirements
  • Police officer arbitration reform
  • Empower POST Board to review and revoke the
    professional license of an officer who shows a
    pattern of failing to follow public policy
  • Encourage all police agencies to adopt use-of-force
    policies that make sanctity of life a core organizational value
  • Create an independent and specialized investigation unit
    within the BCA with the authority to investigate all officer-involved
    shootings and uses of force that result in death or severe bodily injury
  • Assist law enforcement agencies to implement an
    Early Intervention Program (EIP) for officers and
    dispatchers that is designed to identify problem behaviors
    at the earliest possible stage
  • Expand resources and increase statewide awareness of existing
    resources, to improve the mental health and wellness of first
    responders and dispatchers
  •  Require law enforcement agencies to adopt data practices
    that promote transparency, openness, and accountability
  • Ensure that all law enforcement agencies are trained
    in cultural competency, implicit bias, de-escalation tactics
    and skills in order to reduce use-of-force, especially when responding to persons in crisis.

Share your message regarding police reform

As Minnesota state lawmakers debate a number of police procedure and reform proposals, MCPA released a statement regarding our agenda.  Many of you have used the statement to help guide conversations and letters you have written to your locally elected leaders and others within your community network.  If you missed it, the statement is listed in the links below.

I have also included a link to a letter Crystal chief Stephanie Revering sent to her local delegation and an op-ed Faribault chief Andy Bohlen submitted to his local newspaper.  If you have any questions about who represents your communities or how to reach them, you can search your address in the late link in the list.  The MCPA staff is available to assist you with any questions you might have.


MCPA Board elections will be held June 25th from 10 am -11:30 am during the association's first ever "Virtual Annual Meeting."  Please save the date and time. We will send you an online invitation as the date gets closer.   "Voting" MCPA members - the chief law enforcement officer of a local police agency - are eligible to take part in the election.There are five board positions available: two Directors seats, Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer and Third Vice President.  Each candidate filled out a questionnaire as part of their application to run for the board.  You can read their answers by clicking on the boxes below.



Sergeant-at Arms
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3rd Vice President

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