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MCPA Board of Directors Meeting

May 2018:  Thursday, May 24, 2018 10:30 am - 1:00 pm  MCPA Headquarters


Board Member List 2018-2019

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2015 Tactical Plan


Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association
Board of Directors 2019 - 2020


Chief Jeff

Bloomington Police Department

Vice President
Chief David

Waite Park Police Department

2nd Vice President
Chief Eric

Maple Grove Police

3rd Vice President
Chief Brian

Police Department

Chief Stephanie

Crystal Police

Chief Tim

New Hope Police

Chief Brian

Blaine Police

Chief Mike

Bemidji Police

Chief Matt

Police Department


Chief Eric

Pequot Lakes Police

Chief Roger

Red Wing Police Department

Chief Jeff

Shakopee Police


Chief Mike

Wayzata Police

Chief Paul

Wyoming Police

Chaplain - ExOfficio
Chief Tony

New Brighton Police


2019-2020 Board Roster


To be the recognized voice for professional law enforcement in Minnesota


To bring the highest quality police services to the people of Minnesota



MCPA Board of Directors

Election Guidelines for Candidates


MCPA Board Candidate Application for 2018-2019

2018 - 2019
  1. Third Vice President
  2. Sergeant-at-Arms
  3. Director (Two Positions)

Contact with questions: MCPA Executive Director, [email protected] 

  • We can accommodate a one-time request of an MCPA voting member mailing list. Requests fulfilled in Excel format only, not to include phone numbers or emails.

  • We will post candidate photos/names/agency on the website and in C-NOTES

  • Announcements on the web, in C-NOTES and on displays at ETI will follow the same template with individualized information for respective candidates.

  • Budget - Candidate's expense, at candidate's discretion.
  • MCPA will not conduct mailings for candidates.

MCPA board members hail from small, mid-sized and large cities in Minnesota. They are chief law enforcement officers who are committed to expanding their portfolio of leadership positions and collaborative abilities.

They are looking to ensure their opinions are heard; they welcome the wisdom of their peers; they are prepared to work. Many bring community, regional or state-level public safety experience...


Board members commit several years of service, developing partnerships and relationships with those they otherwise might never have met.

They are building upon a long-standing vision based on 50 years of statewide tradition – to become the voice of professional law enforcement in Minnesota.


Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association Preferred Vendors

Booking Equipment/Booking Area Tools


Law Enforcement Vendors 


The Blue Pages

Dustin Hanson, V.P. of Marketing & Sales

15090 23rd Avenue North

Plymouth, MN 55447


763-473-3204 (fax)

[email protected]


The Blue Pages is a directory of attorneys that specialize in DWI/DUI, traffic violations, and all criminal matters. The Blue Pages Directory is distributed free of charge to Law Enforcement, statewide, where it is placed in the booking areas of the jails. The Blue Pages is a useful tool to expedite the booking procedures for Minnesota's Police Officers.


Vol  Since 1954

Dedicated to the ideals of professional policing

Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association ♦ 1951 Woodlane Drive ♦ Woodbury, MN 55125 ♦ 800.377-4058 ♦ 651 457-0677
  Communication Notes  

An electronic weekly for MCPA members

December 19, 2008 Volume XI, Issue 48

C-Notes Editorial Info

Announcements run two weeks consecutively.

Questions? Want to submit a C-NOTES entry? Contact
[email protected]

View Past Issues Online: Members Only (login)

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Board of Directors

Annual Executive Training Institute and Expo
Apr. 6-9, 2009

Fall Conference
CLEO  Academy
Leadership Academy

Police Chaplain Training

Sponsored by MCPA and Minneapolis Police Chaplain Corp

MPD Badge

Law Enforcement Industry

Patrol Online Training

January 2009 Topic:

Interrogation of Suspects





  This Week's Announcements

Leadership Academytraining questions for Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association members


Question #1A for CHIEFS:   What training topics would you find valuable for your veteran or seasoned supervisors to help strengthen their professional journey in law enforcement?


Question #1B for SEASONED SUPERVISORS:  What training topics would you find valuable at this point in your career to help enhance your career path in law enforcement?


NOTE: Please try to AVOID listing by name the following topics, which are some of those offered at the MCPA Leadership Academy.

Chaos Response: Lessons Learned

Data Practices

Leadership Skills 

Complaint Handling

Disciplinary Process

Motivation and Team-building

Critical Incidents

Ethical Considerations



Evaluations/Performance Appraisals 



  Question #1 A or B response to [email protected]


Question #2 for CHIEFS:  Do you have any chaos response cases during the past five years that have provided lessons learned in your department? Give detail on how the following elements affected your chaos response:  supervisor on duty, jurisdiction, policies existing (or missing), mutual aid (if applicable), media relations.


                    Question #2 response to [email protected]


  New Ulm Chief Erv Weinkauf to retire Jan. 31, 2009

The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association would like to thank Erv Weinkauf for his many hours of instruction in our Leadership and CLEO and Command Academies; his mentorship and participation in MN Chiefs committees; and serving on our Board of Directors. Best wishes to Erv as he pursues his second career as a professor of law enforcement programs at Minnesota State University, Mankato and Concordia University, St. Paul.

From Chief Weinkauf:

It has been an honor and privilege to serve in law enforcement -- one of the most honorable professions in the world. Good luck to all of you in your leadership!

Celebration time and date:  Jan. 31, 2009

Location: Holiday Inn, New Ulm

See invitation and RSVP.

  Question about publishing video evidence -- Buffalo PD

We are contemplating publishing video images of “persons of interest” on our website in efforts to try to identify who is depicted in the image.  Video evidence is becoming more and more available and it seems as though we’re significantly limiting ourselves by only circulating these images within the law enforcement community.  Of course, this consideration carries with it several legal questions.  I’m wondering if any other agencies are doing this.  I’m also wondering if any agencies have looked into the legal issues surrounding this – and if so, what they found.  If any agencies are currently doing this, or if you looked into it, I’d be interested in hearing what you found.    

Thanks. Buffalo Chief Mitch Weinzetl, (763) 682-5976, [email protected]

  ETI question re: topics about innovative hiring practices and procedures

The ETI program committee is interested in hearing from Chiefs that have had very successful hiring practices and perhaps some new, innovative procedures and ideas.  We are also wondering if there are Chiefs out there that may be willing to share some of their expertise in a break-out session at our next ETI.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Please reply to Chief Dave Toth, Spring Lake Park PD, [email protected]  or 763 792-7221.

  Question about purchasing new in-car cameras -- Hawley PD

I am looking at purchasing new in car cameras.  As always, money is a major factor.  I do not need the top of the line systems that automatically download or that have lots of bells and whistles.  I am looking for a good, reliable, mid price range (hopefully no more that $4000 a unit installed) digital system.  I would appreciate any input that you or the people on your mailing lists might have as to systems that I may want to look at, based on their experiences.

Thanks. Hawley Chief Ernie Rhodes, (218) 483-4666, [email protected]


In this issue of the Nat'l Law Enforcement Memorial Fund News

See newsletter.

  • Holidays Can Spell Danger for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Help Protect Officers on our Roadways this Holiday Season
  • Shine a Blue Light to Honor Law Enforcement
  • Not Too Late to Honor a Holiday Hero
  • Museum Campaign Receives Two Major Gifts

Per diem question -- Ada PD

I was wondering if other chief could send me their policies on per diem and how it works for their agencies. Right now our city allows $40 per diem when going to training but in order to get reimbursed the officer has to turn in receipts. The problem with this at times the officer forgets to get a receipt and then they are not reimbursed for that meal. I was wondering if any agencies have the policy of a flat rate that is given to the officer before they go to training. Chief Wade Krohmer at [email protected] or 218-784-5510.


Need transcription outsourcing service and advice on working with it –Cannon Falls PD

I am looking for information on outsourcing transcription and am looking for any agencies that are currently doing so. Jeffrey L. McCormick, Chief of Police, Cannon Falls Police Department, [email protected]

  IACP campaign for 4th Vice President

From Chaska Chief Scott Knight:

Dear Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association Members:
As you are aware, I was MCPA’s 2008 candidate for the office of IACP 4th Vice President, and – while in San Diego – withdrew as a candidate just prior to the election. I withdrew, because of a misunderstanding of a campaign finance rule. I am responsible for this misunderstanding. It is my desire and duty to tell you what occurred.

Read more . . .


State of Minnesota Stalking Response Protocol:
November 2008 document

St. Louis Park and Bloomington collaborate with Cornerstone to create a Model Protocol for Law Enforcement Prosecution Victim Services and Judicial Stakeholders. See document . . .


ETI Award applications are online -- Deadline Jan. 31, 2009


The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association is proud to continue the tradition of presenting police and civilian awards at the Executive Training Institute (ETI) Awards Banquet.
See Awards Criteria
See Award Nomination Form

If you are advising a colleague on where to find this information, describe the following steps:

1. Go to our website at
2. On the gold bar across the top, under Community Programs, click on Police and Civilian Awards.

Awards police chiefs can nominate for:


  IACP BIG IDEAS Newsletter for Smaller Agencies

Click here to read the complete Fall 2008 Edition in PDF format.


Mentoring-- Having challenges as a newer chief? Read how mentors in the Mentoring Project would respond to a particular challenge that a newer chief is experiencing in their department. Also, learn more about one of the many mentors who work with newer chiefs in the Mentoring Project in Meet the Mentors.


Innovations from the Field-- Exchanging information between law enforcement agencies can have a very valuable impact. Learn about the Lafayette, Colo., Police Department’s efforts to increase communication with neighboring law enforcement agencies and improve policing in their first Best Practices Meeting.

Resources-- The Police Chiefs Desk Reference 2nd Edition is now available! Check out this section to learn more about this and other available resources.

  ATOM Hall of Fame 2008 awardee is John Adie

The Association of Training Officers of Minnesota has chosen John Adie as the 2008 Hall of Fame Recipient. He was nominated by Jay Olson of the Federal Reserve Bank and ATOM Board Member.


John Adie served 22 years as a Special Agent for the FBI before retiring in 2005. During his career, John served in the Milwaukee, New York and Minneapolis Division’s of the FBI.  Read more . . .

  Upcoming Events

If you're snowed in Saturday, Dec. 27 -- a TV show for you?

7 p.m. (ET) and 8 p.m. (Central), Fox Reality Channel is premiering “Smile…You’re Under Arrest!” This original series combines comedy with serious police work. 

Set in Maricopa County (outside of Phoenix, AZ), the show follows the local sheriff’s office under the command of nationally renowned Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Sheriff Joe has been labeled “The Toughest Sheriff in America,” because of his reputation for employing unusual law enforcement tactics such as reinstituting chain gangs, housing prisoners in a desert “tent city,” and forcing his prisoners to wear pink underwear.

In “Smile…You’re Under Arrest!” Sheriff Joe is assisted by improvisational actors to put together elaborate sting scenarios such as promises to appear in movies and modeling shoots. These opportunities to become a star or win a prize help lure elusive wanted-criminals out of hiding.


Jan. 14  Region 6: Not Above the Law

12 noon - 4 p.m. in Kandiyohi County See registration.

On November 24, 1995, Tony Barragan, a paramedic and Minneapolis police officer, and his partner responded to a 911 call of a rape in progress. The suspect was apprehended. What happened next would soon turn a routine arrest in to a national news story. Tony’s life would be forever changed.


Every day in America, law enforcement officers face frustration and stress that accompany the seemingly thankless job of upholding the law.

  Regional Representative Meetings

ANY chief may contact their Regional Rep to propose an agenda item for their upcoming regional meeting. See MN Chiefs list of meetings, minutes, contacts and locations.

The next quarterly meeting is 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at the Elk River PD.

  Upcoming Training Opportunities
  PATROL Online Training Update

PATROL delivers web-based, POST-accredited courses on timely legal issues specifically designed  for Minnesota officers. 

PATROL is offered by the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT), Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust (MCIT), Chiefs of Police Association (MCPA), and Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association (MSA).  


Police Accredited TRaining OnLine (PATROL) will release the course Interrogation of Suspects on January 1, 2009.  This course addresses the legal issues surrounding interrogations and reviews recent court decisions on the topic.  The course reviews Miranda v. Arizona as it is applied in the 21st Century, including when a suspect is considered to be in custody and what constitutes a custodial interrogation in the eyes of Minnesota courts.  The course also addresses juvenile-interrogation concerns and offers practical advice on complying with the Scales recording-requirement.  The lesson concludes with an in-depth look at Minnesota statutes and cases addressing interrogations of non-primary English speaking suspects and offers guidance on when interpreters are required.

Register your officers today for 2009 subscriptions, and get 16 credits for the price of 12. Subscriptions include an online library, legal briefs and updates for Chiefs, Sheriffs and attorneys.

Please contact Laura Honeck, LMCIT Program Assistant, at [email protected] or (651) 281-1280 or (800) 925-1122.

  UMCPI Training Classes Available

January through April 2008: Supervisors and Complaints

February through September 2008: Internal Affairs – Complaint Investigations

CLICK HERE for details.

  February 11-13, 2008 2nd Annual Minnesota School Safety Conference

See registration info.

School Climate=Climate + Planning + Policy + Facility (CPPF)

Those who would benefit from the conference sessions include:  emergency managers, law enforcement including School Resource Officers, school leadership including administrators and board members, school student support staff (counselors, social workers, psychologists, nurses), school emergency planners, and other interested emergency response and health agencies.



May 18-21, 2008
Annual Law Enforcement Information Management Training Conference and Exhibition in Dallas, TX

See info on registration, scholarships and presentation proposals.
The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Law Enforcement Information Management (LEIM) Section invites you to participate in the 33rd Annual LEIM Training Conference and Exhibition. The conference will be held May 18-21, 2009 at the Hyatt Dallas Regency in Dallas, TX.  The LEIM conference is unique given it is the only international law enforcement conference in the United States designed for practitioners by practitioners. Agenda topics will include:

  • CAD, RMS, ALPR, and mobile technology programs;
  • Systems integration and interoperability;
  • Information sharing and technology standards;
  • Federal funding opportunities, grant management, and effective project management techniques

MCPA CLEO and Command Academy

 curriculum and registration.


MCPA Leadership Academy

 curriculum and registration.

-- END ---




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