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Tony Paetznick

MCPA Chaplain
[email protected]
Director of Public Safety, New Brighton


The Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association (LEMA) is dedicated to assisting the families and home agencies of those law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. LEMA board members are police officers, survivors and friends of fallen officers who volunteer their time.

LEMA is able to provide assistance both at the time of death, as well as into the future. LEMA honors the families and fallen officers during National Law Enforcement Memorial Week.

MCPA supports the Minnesota National Guard Beyond the Yellow Ribbon initiative. Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Initiative.

Contact MCPA Chaplain Dan Carlson or 612-554-4405 with questions regarding Military Reintegration programs in Minnesota.


The Law Enforcement Family Support Network (LEFSN) provides information for law enforcement administrators who seek best practices resources for integrating family preparedness in their department training.

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2006 Committees 


Following is an excerpt from the Association's By-Laws.  Is it in the Article that set the Committee Structure.


Article XIII - Committees


Section 1.  Duties.  Each committee shall keep regular minutes of their proceedings and report the same to the Board of Directors directly, or through

the Executive Director.


Section 2.  Types.  There shall be two types of committees:  standing and special.  The standing committees are:  Executive, Rules, Nominating and other such committees as may be designated from time to time by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.  Members of the standing committees shall be appointed by the President subject to ratification by the Board of Directors.  Members of special committees shall be appointed by the President who shall appoint a Chair and establish the purpose of the committee.  Special committees will dissolve upon completion of their stated purpose.  Except as otherwise provided in these bylaws, any person can be a committee member.


Section 3.  Executive Committee.


(a) Authority and Responsibilities.  The Executive Committee may be authorized by the Board to act in place and stead of the Board of Directors between Board meetings on all matters, except those specifically reserved to the Board by these bylaws.  Actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Board by mail or at the next Board meeting, and are subject to approval by the Board.


(b) Composition.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers, Immediate Past President and the Executive Director who will serve without a vote.  The President shall be the chair.


(c) Quorum and Call of Meetings.  A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum at any duly called meeting of the Committee.  The President shall call such meetings of the Executive Committee as the business of the Association may require, or a meeting shall be called by the Executive Director on the request of three (3) member of the Executive Committee.


Section 4. Rules Committee.   The Rules Committee shall be charged with all matters relating to these bylaws and any other duties imposed by the Board of Directors.




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Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association Preferred Vendors

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Communication Notes (C-NOTES) is the association's just-in-time weekly, electronic newsletter.

C-NOTES contains brief entries on legislative updates, training opportunities, agency news and bulletin board material.

C-NOTES is the best tool to reach members quickly.  Submit your entries and ideas to [email protected].


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