2019-20 MCPA Legislative Support Item 

Support items are legislative actions taken by the MCPA or taken by other organizations and supported by the MCPA.  If you have an issue or proposal you would like to submit for consideration, please provided the information listed below and send the form to MCPA at [email protected]  The deadline for submission is Friday, September 6th.

Issue area:

Law enforcement agency or organization:

Your contact information:

Proposed legislation/statute change:

Organization/stakeholder group sponsoring legisation (if applicable):

Reasons MCPA should Support this Proposal (please include any documentation when you submit this form):

Impacts on public safety or law enforcement:

Has the MCPA supported this legislation/position in the past?

MCPA positions

Below are positions and their respective definitions that the MCPA Legislative Committee will consider for the item listed above.

  • Actively Lead – MCPA will seek legislators to author a bill and will testify at hearings
  • Support – MCPA will support the bill, which could be in a limited role if another organization takes action, and may testify
  • Neutral – MCPA will not take a position and will not provide testimony
  • Monitor – MCPA will closely watch the issue and prepare to take a position if the timing is appropriate

Please return to MCPA at [email protected]  

Questions?  Call Andy Skoogman @651-485-7667