Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy Sergeant Sonya Eastham is helping coordinate mental health support services for MCPA across the state. “The providers I know that work with law enforcement, we’re kind of insular,” she says.  “We only know of a few others like us.  We don’t really have that opportunity to gather people in different parts of the state," Eastham recently told Minnesota Police Chief magazine.

She and MCPA aims to change that.  This winter, the Minnesota Chiefs will launch an initiative to identify mental health professionals who can work with cops and, in turn, offer assistance to chiefs and other law enforcement leaders. “We hear this all of the time:  There aren’t enough providers who are good a working with cops.”

Eastham believes more can be done to support the mental wellness of CLEOs and their personnel.  It will begin with a more organized process to identify those experts and clinicians who know the unique world of Minnesota law enforcement.  And, as she develops her list of resources, Eastham is ready to accept recommendations from chiefs and others who know of people with a strong track record. “The bigger we can get that list of people who have worked with law enforcement or military, the better it is for us.

Contact Sonya Eastham with recommendations for mental health providers and requests for referrals

Sonya Eastham

First Call for Help Coordinator
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