Officer Leadership Development Course

September 13, 2018 8:30am - 4:00pm
MCPA Training Center
New Brighton

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The course is available to any interested line officer who strives to be a better leader. Seats are limited.

  • $125 per person (includes lunch)
  • $135 after August 13

No matter your position in a law enforcement agency, all members of a department have opportunities to be leaders, whether you serve as a situational leader during a critical incident, a formal leader on a squad or shift, or you desire to move up the chain of command. This one-day training will prepare line officers for the leadership challenges of 21st Century Policing. The one-day training, includes classes on psychology of supervision, supervisory communications, support of department mission and vision, promotional interview strategies, post promotion actions, and the value of mentorship.

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Core Instructional Areas with Associated Learning Objectives:

Role of supervision and required skills                   

Gender differences/Generational differences
Cultural competencies
Psychology of supervision

Communication skills                                                                     

Day-to-day communications/interactions with subordinates
Written communications/oral communications
Strategic communications in support of agency mission

Personal development                                                 

Control of own destiny/confidence and competence
Interviewing skills/selling yourself
Post promotion actions –what to do if its not you

Ethical values of leadership                                        

Theory behind what we do and why we do what we do as law enforcement leaders
PERF report; Law Enforcement in the 21st Century
5 ethical standards of policing


Leadership and guidance
Plan for success
Career road map