Personal and Professional Resilience:
A Sustainable Approach to Mental Health for Law Enforcement

A career in law enforcement takes a certain kind of mental and physical toughness and research is showing that Resiliency Training has positive and lasting effects on Law Enforcement. This class will provide insight into how the job can take a toll on physical/mental health of even the strongest minds, it will examine the toll on family relationships, and it will provide strategies that build and maintain a healthy and resilient mental state. Information on how to find and access cop-competent help will be discussed along with when and how to reach out. Attendees will have the opportunity to develop personal resilience plans to assist in building a sustainable approach to the career and personal life. Departments have the option of inviting significant others and spouses to a portion of the class for those who want the full 8 hour version. Available in 4 or 8 hour sessions.

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Marie Ridgeway LICSW, RYT is a trauma therapist in the Twin Cities, specializing in Law Enforcement. She is partnered with the Chiefs of Police Association to deliver her Crisis Intervention, Officer Wellness, and Resiliency trainings to officers around the state. She treats LE from multiple departments in her practice and is also on retainer with metro police departments as their Police Therapist and Mental Health consultant.
Marie is a part time County Mobile MH Crisis Responder/Health Officer, often working alongside police to respond to people who are actively psychotic or suicidal in the community. A few years ago, Marie assisted in the creation of a Yoga and Mindfulness program with inspector Waite at the 5th Precinct of the Minneapolis PD which has grown and expanded in the years since. Marie enjoys running a Clinical Supervision Group, and mentoring supervises who share an interest in working with Law Enforcement. When she isn’t working, she is spending time with her children and SO, running, practicing yoga, hiking with her dog, and traveling/adventuring.