Special Session likely to focus on police reform

Minnesota state legislators will consider a range of law enforcement and public safety bills during a special session set to begin June 12th. Below are some of the current policy bills/proposals in the Minnesota House of Representatives.  Once the session gets underway, this page will be updated with bill numbers and links to more details on the legislative language.

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HF XXX - Mandate Body-Camera Use
This bill requires law enforcement agencies to use portable recording systems; appropriating money for grants to law enforcement agencies for portable recording systems and storage.

HF XXX - Prosecutorial reform
Assigning prosecutorial authority in officer-involved deaths to the attorney general

HF XXX - Data Practices Modification for Peace Officers
Amend the Data Practices Statute to prevent payouts for publicly announced firings of poilce officers for wrongful death prior to arbitration. This modification will only limite the disclosure to incidents involving peace officers. 

HF 4122 (Dehn) Use of Force Reform: Modifications to Use of Force Standards
Modification to Use of Force Standards – “Use of Force” laws to prioritize sanctity of life. Establishes legislative intent.

HF 4304 (Moller) Public safety peer counseling or peer debriefing information prohibited as evidence, and law enforcement use of force reported
Previously referred to as Peer-to-Peer counseling. This bill aims to encourage more public safety officials to participate critical incident stress management  services and debriefing sessions after they have been involved in a critical incident while on the job by adding privacy protections for those who participate; and seeks to collect and track better data on officer-involved deadly force encounters.

HF XXX Retroactive Repeal of Statutes of Limitations for Wrongful Death Lawsuits
Eliminates the statute of limitations for civil actions against police officers.

HF XXX Warrior Training Prohibited
Prohibits the use of warrior-style training by law enforcement. Further, The POST board may not certify a continuing education course that includes warrior-style training; The board may not grant continuing education credit to a peace officer for a course that includes warrior-style training; The board may not reimburse a law enforcement agency or a peace officer for a course that includes warrior-style training.

HF XXX Duty to Intercede
This bill codifies the duty to intercede and requires the POST Board to adopt a duty to intercede model policy that will be distributed to all Chief Law Enforcement Officers. It also empowers the POST Board to ensure compliance with establishing a model policy. 

HF XXX Police Residency Reform
Lift ban on city and county residence requirement for peace officers and encourage officers to live in communities they serve, in St. Paul and Minneapolis only.

HF XXX Overhaul & Expand Minnesota POST Board
Expanding the membership of the POST board; establishing a Police-Community Relations Council

HF XXX  Model Policy for Responding to Protests
Directs POST Board to develop a model policy for responding to public protests. Requires state and local law enforcement to adopt a written poilcy modeled after policy developed by POST Board. 

HF XXX Data Collection Reform
Collects real-time complaint and use of force data and use it to inform reform.

HFXXX Alternatives to Policing
Appropriating money for violence prevention grants