MCPA Chaplain Tony Paetznick coordinates spiritual support services for law enforcement across Minnesota.  “ We know that like all aspects of health, whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual, people are going to need support and at different times and in different ways. My hypothesis is that there needs to be more localized and regional chaplaincy connections identified and available.  I want to be able to point fellow chiefs to someone nearby who can help address both immediate needs in a crisis and ongoing spiritual care for agencies looking to better connect within their communities. 

Paetznick, who is also the director of public safety for the city of New Brighton, has already pre-identified resources available in some areas of the state.  His work to establish spiritual wellness programs and faith community partnerships will also be featured at MCPA Leadership Academies.

Contact MCPA's Chaplain with request for assistance and referrrals
Tony Paetznick

MCPA Chaplain
[email protected]
Director of Public Safety, New Brighton