Each year, the MCPA recognizes police officers and police chiefs for everything from distinguished service to innovation.

The entry period for the 2022 Statewide Awards and Innovation Awards is now closed. Check back later to submit 2023 nominees.

Officers and departments were honored during the 2023 ETI and Law Enforcement Expo.

Statewide Award Submission Requirements:

  • All nominations must be submitted by a CLEO
  • If you are nominating someone from another agency, the nominee’s CLEO must be notified
  • A digital photo of the nominee must be attached in this form with the application

Award Categories:

Police Officer of the Year
Given in recognition of an outstanding officer whose actions exceeded expectations after having been injured, faced imminent personal hazards to life above and beyond the call of duty, and demonstrated courage in dangerous or emergency conditions, which resulted in the successful resolution of the situation.

Medal of Honor
Awarded for sacrifice in a single event demonstrating bravery, heroism, and/or self-sacrifice, distinguishing the individual for gallantry and bravery under life-threatening circumstances.

Distinguished Service Award
Awarded for outstanding achievement, including crime prevention, detective work, community service and relations, juvenile work, drug control and prevention, training safety, mentoring, and innovative approaches to public safety

Meritorious Service Award
Awarded for exceptional achievement and extraordinary valor, service, professionalism, and leadership.

Police Cross
Given in recognition of the recipient who made the supreme sacrifice, who gave their life in service of the community, state, and country in the highest traditions of the law enforcement profession.

Citizen's Valor Award
Presented to a citizen who voluntarily puts their safety at risk to aid a police officer or fellow citizen during a criminal act or life-threatening situation.

Excellence in Innovation Award:

The MCPA Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes Minnesota police agencies and their CLEOs for superior achievement and innovation in law enforcement programs, efforts, or initiatives that benefit law enforcement as a profession.

Please use the file attachment link below to upload an explanation of your department's innovation. In your narrative, be sure to include all of the following elements:

  1. Level of innovation
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Ability to replicate
  4. Overall impact

Excellence in Innovation Award Nomination Form