Below, you will find a snapshot of the educational sessions at ETI 2024. A full schedule that includes session descriptions, networking events, times, and room locations will be posted at the bottom of this page soon.

4/15/2024 Courage Under Fire: Roseville PD's Response to an Active Shooter Incident Chief Erika Scheider
4/15/2024  Leading Within a Winning Culture Colonel Kedrick Wills
4/16/2024 Leadership For A Lifetime: How the Past Prepares Us for the Future Paul Butler
4/16/2024 Generations Panel Susan Brower, Shawn Williams, Mike Tusken, Hunter Panning
4/16/2024 Breakout Session: POST Update Erik Misselt
4/16/2024 Breakout Session: The 1st Amendment in the Age of Facebook, Instagram, and Instantaneous Expression Mike Pettry
4/16/2024 Breakout Session: Proactive Risk Management for Law Enforcement Leaders Todd Axtell, Rob Thomasser, Steve Linders
4/16/2024 Breakout Session: Ethics and Emotions of Investigating Cold Cases Detective John Andrews, Detective Carter Staaf, Analyst Ryan Kapaun
4/16/2024 Breakout Session: Building Positive Labor Management Relationships Mark Schneider, Rick Mathwig, Adam Burnside, Tim Gannon, Jeff Giles
4/16/2024 Breakout Session: Panel - Resources for Small Agencies  
4/17/2024 Lessons Learned From Managing Crisis Events in Small Communities Dave Funkhouser
4/17/2024 Implicit Social Cognition; Its About “Both And, Not Either Or" Dr. Shawn Moore
4/17/2024 Updates Roundup: BCA, General Counsel, Accreditation Program, and MCPA  Drew Evans, Andy LeFevour, Ron Wiles, Jeff Potts
4/17/2024 Breakout Session: POST Update  Erik Misselt
4/17/2024 Breakout Session: Resources for Small Agencies  
4/17/2024 Breakout Session: Crisis Communications  Amy Koch

Neurobiology of De-escalation: Implications for the Effective Use of Force and a path to rebuilding, revitalization, and integration.

Dr. Mitch Javidi, Imran Ali