MCPA Launches Program to Help MEMBERS Manage a Myriad of Situations  
The Peer Resource Network program is aimed at building a stronger network of resources and support  for CLEOs and Command Staff  

Being a police chief can be incredibly challenging and there is no instruction guide on how to respond to all of the situations that arise. In an effort to better support our members, the MCPA has developed the Peer Resource Network to help our members when they encounter a situation or project that they have not previously experienced.  

The Peer Resource Network will provide members with contact info of Chiefs (active and retired) who have experienced the same situation and who are willing to take your phone call and explain the process.

We have Chiefs and Command staff members from all parts of the state and all sizes of departments who are part of the network. 

Please log into the Members Only Section of the website to find topics of interest and subject matter experts willing to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the association at [email protected] or 651-457-0677.