The Critical Issues in Public Safety virtual training series is a comprehensive examination of the issues, ideas and reform measures that are shaping the policies and practices of police departments across our state. 

The livestreamed, interactive series addresses some of the most controversial, timely and relevant topics in law enforcement today, including changes to use-of-force standards, the efficacy of existing law enforcement training, labor contract negotiations and administration and successful strategies for department-wide culture change.

The educational series is aimed at CLEOs, command staff and first-line supervisors. Some courses are also fitting for city leaders. All the trainings are POST approved and eligible for CEs.

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* These trainings are scheduled and subject to change.
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Session 1: Collective Bargaining & Officer Discipline
Wednesday 10/14, 10-noon

This training session is on how to develop a collective bargaining strategy with police unions and the new changes to officer disciplinary arbitration. Dan McCray, director of Labor Relations Professional Programs at Cornell ILR School, will give students practical, hands-on training in collective bargaining, contract administration and arbitration advocacy. (CE credits, 2)
Hour 1: Recent Changes to Officer Disciplinary Changes

• Overview of Principles of Just Cause and Progressive Discipline
• Recent Minnesota Police Disciplinary Cases, Do’s and Don’ts
• Arbitration and the Arbitrator Selection Process 
• Effect of Recent Legislation on the Process
• Managing Labor Arbitration

Hour 2: Developing a Labor Strategy
• Understanding the Organization Centric Approach
• How to Develop Labor, Bargaining and Negotiating Strategies
• Impact on Recent Events in Local Labor Relations

Session 2: Recruitment Strategies in the 21st Century
Wednesday 10/21, 8 am-10 am

Long before COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd, our association was focused on helping our member agencies with the recruitment and retention of new officers. We've been in a hiring crisis for the past five years and, unfortunately, the future is far from bright. Dr. Jim DeLung, director of Learning & Development for the Organizational Development Professionals in Phoenix, Ariz., will introduce students in this training session to the four major generations in the workforce: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. Students will learn the characteristics of each generation and how to best communicate, motivate and lead each one efficiently within their organization. (2 CEs)

Session 3: How to Interpret the New Use of Force Standards -- What CLEOs and Officers need to know
Wednesday 10/28, 10-noon

Minnesota’s legislature passed a bill in the 2020 special session that changes the language around when an officer is legally justified in using deadly force. This course, led by Eric Daigle, Daigle Law Group LLC, will address the statutory changes and debate the use-of-force continuum. The course will also cover new state mandates, including a Duty to Intercede policy and a ban on chokeholds. (2 CEs)

Session 4: Law Enforcement training -- changing attitudes but not behavior
Wednesday 11/4, 10-noon

Advocates and elected officials often call for more training as a way to improve policing and reduce the number of deadly force encounters between police and citizens. Millions of dollars are invested each year in law enforcement training but what is the real return on that investment? This training session, led by Dr. Robin Engel, professor at the University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice and Director of the IACP/UC Center for Police Research and Policy, will explore the efficacy of the current model for training, some of the more popular mandates and discuss whether all this training makes a difference. (2 CEs)


Session 5: culture eats policy for lunch -- how to change the menu 
Tuesday 11/10, 10-noon

Detailed policies govern every police department in Minnesota (and the country), but an agency’s culture is probably a greater indicator of how officers actually perform their duties and interact with the public. CLEOs can rewrite policy after policy, but little changes unless they’ve created the right culture. In this session, Captain Kevin Lutz from the Camden County PD in New Jersey, will explore how the department changed its culture through means other than policies and improved its policing practices. (2 CEs)


Session 6: Lessons learned from civil unrest (Panel discussion)
Wednesday 11/18, 10-Noon

The demonstrations following the death of George Floyd impacted communities across the state and the country. From big cities to small towns, law enforcement was tasked with responding to both peaceful and violent protesters. In this session, we’ll hear from local and state law enforcement leaders about what they learned and how agencies can better prepare for any future unrest. Panelists include: Colonel Matt Langer (State Patrol), Chief Mike Mastin (Bemidji) and others TBA. (2 CEs)




To make the training series affordable for agencies of all sizes, we're offering tiered pricing. We're also offering á la carte pricing for individual sessions. 

Cost to attend the series (all six sessions): 

$150 per person for agencies with 25 or fewer officers
$200 per person for agencies with 26 or more officers
$500 for unlimited attendance from an agency

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Cost to attend an individual session:

$50 per person 
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